Music 4 A Minute

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  I recently started an instructional series of videos called Music 4 A Minute on YouTube. In my Music 4 A Minute video series, I’m sharing a mixture of original songs, guitar lessons, covers, and improvisations using various ideas and textures to hopefully inspire you on your musical journey. In this video I’m improvising over […]

Have Guitar-Will Travel

Have Guitar

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  Somewhere on the beaches of the Jersey Shore with high tides and good vibes is a musician writing his next song while watching the waves crash into the sand….. So I’m in the recording studio in late August. It’s a hot afternoon and the usual crowds of people line the boardwalk and beaches to […]

Get The Led Out

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Time to get the Led out! Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands. The “Rain Song” was the second track from their fifth album “Houses of the Holy” released in 1973. It’s a ballad of over seven minutes in length. Guitarist Jimmy Page originally constructed the melody of this song at his home in […]

Your Top 10??


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  There’s been a meme going around on Facebook where you share 10 albums that deeply impacted you. So I thought It would be fun to share which albums impacted me and have you share which albums impacted you on this blog. I limited my 10 albums to only guitarists/bands that were my big early […]

Kid Charlemagne

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Steely Dan’s Kid Charlemagne has one of my favorite guitar solo’s performed by the great Larry Carlton. My performance is the familiar middle solo section using my Fractal AX-8 and Jay Turser JT220D-Serpent Gold Top guitar. In my Music 4 A Minute video series, I’m sharing a mixture of original songs, guitar lessons, covers, and […]


Panoramic Seaside Boardwalk

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On a crowded hot summer’s night, she heard a voice cry out…Her father said “No” don’t play that wheel of chance with all those numbers and names…You’ll never win…You’re throwing your money away!! With a quarter and a dream, Anthony’s sister, Rosemarie, won a guitar at the Seaside Heights boardwalk when Anthony was 7 years […]

“Flying High”

Black Swan Solo

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Did you ever have an experience in your life that helped you appreciate your talents while validating your vocation?  I had just finished recording my second album at  the Jersey Shore when I got an email from a Canadian helicopter touring company. Black Swan Helicopter is located in Berwyn, Alberta and has a population of […]