Get a Copy of Anthony Rufo’s Album, “Passionate Presence”, for as Little as $1 – For 72 Hours Only!

…Because as Mark Druery from Indie Shark once said, “In his new album, “Passionate Presence,” guitarist and songwriter Anthony Rufo delivers a supremely guitar-driven combination of rock, pop, blues, and jazz tracks inside of a streamlined setlist fit for any season.”


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As one interviewer put it from Guitar Nine Records, Anthony Rufo “goes for the heart and soul of guitar expression with funky rhythms, exotically scaled leads, and whammy enriched, two-handed tapping legato playing. In short, If you are a fan of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, and Blues/Rock guitar-driven music Anthony Rufo is a must have for your collection. “Rufo’s new record, a thirteen-song anthology piece that crosses as many genres as it can without getting too scattered, is as guitar-powered as they come and is one of the few studio albums I’ve listened to that has something to suit most everyone’s needs”-Garth Thomas of Hollywood Digest.

But here’s where I think things get pretty cool!

I know first hand, that not everyone has the funds to buy new music. And I really hate the idea that someone who likes my music might miss out on my songs just because of a shortage of funds. So I’ve decided to offer my album at WHATEVER PRICE YOU THINK IS FAIR!

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