Hey! Anthony here-Thanks for listening!

“Passionate Presence” is an energetic song off my new album of the same name. Here I’m playing to the backing tracks provided by some stellar musicians:
Gerry Carboy-Bass
Carlo Latorraca-Drums

The track was recorded at Shorefire Studios and engineered by Joseph DeMaio.
Leon Zervos of Studios 301 did the mastering.
I’m playing my Taxicab Yellow Parker Midi Fly going through the Fractal Axe FX III
This song is anchored with a repeated triplet to 8th note figure playing minor 6ths dials on the rhythm guitars. The rhythm is really what ties everything together. I came up with the intro/outro drum figure while layering rhythms in GarageBand before recording and had Carlo mimic the manic intro while laying a heavy riff over it.

Thank you for all your support!

Be well