Hey! Anthony here-Thanks for listening!

I love playing the blues and this minor blues was a lot of fun-

This improvisation is played on my Ibanez Silver Series Strat using the Fractal Audio Axe FX III.
I’m playing over the chord changes targeting the root-3rd-5th-7th and 9th of the chords. I’m also
using some chromatic lines to add color and to connect some of the phrases. I’ve included a breakdown of some of the scales and techniques used in this improvisation

Start Video
0:04​-Bend into 9th (B)
0:25​-F7-E7 descending arpeggios
0:35​-Repeated phrase targeting the root
0:58​-F7 ascending arpeggio
1:10​-whole step bend to the 9th (B) into minor 3rd (C)
1:15​-1/2 step bend to 3rd then repeated on IV chord
1:43​-Blues Scale with chromatic lines going into octaves sliding into E on 3rd string (guitar face)
1:56​-Using harmonics root (D) bending to 5th (E) on the A minor chord
2:02​-Chromatic rake from the root to the 5th of A minor (E)
2:16​-A minor 9th arpeggio into a chromatic line and repeated phrase
2:28​-D minor 9th arpeggio (similar to A minor 9th arpeggio) resolving to a bend to the 5th of
A minor (Question/Answer phrase)
2:40​-F7-E7 chromatic line to descending E’s on different strings and positions
3:14​-Chromatic lines starting with the 3rd and 5th of A minor and ending on the root and 4th
(5th fret). This all resolves with an A minor run.
3:27​-Using octaves in A Dorian.

I hope you can get some improvisational ideas from this month’s video lesson.

Be well,