Hey! Anthony here-thanks for listening!

This improvisation is a typical Jazz Blues targeting mostly 3rds and 7ths ending with some upper extension chords on the first 4 strings. As you can hear, these sounds outline the chord progression in the key of A. My students are always asking me why some of their favorite guitar players always sound so “in” when chords are changing through a song. One step in the right direction is targeting 3rds and 7ths. Using chord tones on strong beats will help you to always land on your feet while improvising and also when writing melodies for your original music. Other notes you can use are 9ths and 5ths of the chords.  Try bending or sliding into these target notes for more expression.  In my Music 4 A Minute video series, I’m sharing a mixture of original songs, covers, and improvisations using various ideas, textures, and concepts to hopefully inspire you to create your own style on your musical journey.

Thank you for all your continued support!

Be well