Hey! Anthony here-Thanks for listening!

This was a fun video I made on a cold winter’s day at Moms place. I came prepared with the sweat shirt, jeans, and a hidden bag of Doritos (Can you locate them??) Anyway…..

I’m playing over E minor with a moving bass line (E-D#-D-C#) to C7-B7….from .38 to 1:00​ I’m really targeting the moving bass line especially on the downbeat. You can use the E minor pentatonic going to the E minor/major 7 on the first 2 bars also. Some other cool things to use are bending from the E up a minor 3rd to G when playing the C7 chord or bending the G up a whole step to the A on the E minor chord. For the most part, it’s chord tones that really sound great while bending into them or running arpeggio lines targeting 3rds and 7ths. I’m playing a Parker Classic and going through the Fractal AX8 into Fender Pro Junior amps.

This improvisation was inspired by the song Sideways” written by American artist Clarence Greenwood, who is known by the pseudonym Citizen Cope. I attended a concert by Generation Axe and saw Nuno Bettencourt and Zakk Wylde perform it live and have loved the song ever since.

In my Music 4 A Minute video series, I’m sharing a mixture of original songs, covers, and improvisations using various ideas, textures, and concepts to hopefully inspire you to create your own style on your musical journey.

Thanks again for checking out my music…

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