Hey! Anthony here-thanks for listening!

This improvisation is played on my Taxicab Yellow Parker Midi Fly
using Fractal AX8 effects. Here I’m improvising over an altered dominant sound using the dominant diminished scale and sliding diminished arpeggios. I end with some melodic minor chords (minor/major 7th). As you can hear, these sounds are intense and great for building up some outside lines.
The Dominant Diminished scale works great over Dominant 7th flat 9 or sharp 9 chords. The scale consists of 1, flat 9, #9, 3, #11, 5, 13, and flat 7. On a G7th flat 9 chord the notes would be G,A flat,B flat, B, C#, D, E, F. The minor/major chords consist of minor triads with a major 7th. An example would be G mi/ma7 or G-B flat-D-F#.
The dominant diminished scale can be applied to the V7 chord in a 2-5-1 chord progression, as well as the VI7b9 chord in any tune you are improvising on. An easy way to think about the dominant diminished scale is to construct the notes using half step/whole step, half step/whole step, etc., all the way up or down the neck of the guitar.