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As one interviewer put it from Guitar Nine Records, Anthony Rufo “goes for the heart and soul of guitar expression with funky rhythms, exotically scaled leads, and whammy-enriched, two-handed tapping legato playing. In short, If you are a fan of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, and Blues/Rock guitar-driven music Anthony Rufo is a must have for your collection. “Rufo’s new record, a thirteen-song anthology piece that crosses as many genres as it can without getting too scattered, is as guitar-powered as they come and is one of the few studio albums I’ve listened to that has something to suit most everyone’s needs”-Garth Thomas of Hollywood Digest.

Free-Spirited, Inspirational, and Electric are just a few words to describe the amazing and passionate style of Anthony Rufo’s music. His profoundly understated and distinctive talents make his eclectic approach to writing and performing music a harmonic treat for audiences of all ages. With high energy and unyielding commitment, Rufo can create great melodic and literary depth that captivates an audience of the most critical musicians and listeners alike. His music is the perfect backdrop for road trips, recreation, or just chillin’ at home.

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